Sleeping Beauty

Interior overhaul and extension of vacant retail shop into shared office for creatives.

A vacant storefront on Schlesische Straße was rehabilitated and converted it into a shared office space for small teams and independent creatives.

The rear area was completely gutted and side rooms were centralized in order to reconfigure the layout and create a quiet conference area, with windows looking out at the courtyard.

The renovation process unearthed historical art fresco murals in the main room, underneath several coats of paint and wallpaper. Peeling and scraping away those multiple layers of debris permanently opened up the mural. Its pale rose coloring and floral elements balance against the white walls and grey linoleum to create a pleasing effect.

Fluorescent tube bulbs illuminate the space. They are dispersed along the walls, bundled  in clusters, positioned in corners, and suspended from the ceilings. Sometimes they shine directly on surfaces, and other times they redirect the light to create a softer glow. Each arrangement changes the perception of the space, resulting in a dynamic variety of contrasting light atmospheres produced with just a single source.

By the same principle, each piece of furniture was custom-designed for its intended position and specified function within the space.

Completed March 2016.