S25 is a modular shelving system that celebrates rhythm and openness.

Thanks to its simple yet sophisticated interlocking mechanism, individual elements can easily be added and repositioned to create anything from single-column shelves to entire wall units that can be adapted to any spatial context. System component proportions are designed to produce a harmonious structure in any arrangement.

S25 is nominated for the Green Product Award 2018.

Materials and Surfaces
S25 is available in laminated veneer timber with the following surfaces:
- ash wood veneer oiled
- melamine white
- phenolic resin black
Additional veneers and finishes are available on request. Please contact us for your personal quote.

Choose between different assembly kits /configurations and surfaces:

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System Elements and Configuration

Construction and Modification

ash wood veneer oiled

melamine white

ash veneer oiled, phenolic resin black